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Property Investor and Business Millionaire Mastermind is held every month January to December between 10am and 5.30pm and contains everything shown in the Video on the homepage and a lot more.

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If you’re dealing with property investor or business challenges [which we all do from time to time] and want to gain new business contacts, even more knowledge & training arrange JV's and more, this is for you. Business Networking in a social environment.

* Bonus 3: 2 Months Paid-For Access to the 6-Clicks Property Software on your 3rd month [normally £394]


6-Clicks is the latest easy to use property software for on-market sourcing, marketing and legal paperwork creation that will literally have you creating £3-£5k per month property deals. Full training course also included at no cost!

* Bonus 4: 10,000 full colour bespoke printed leaflets [normally £218]


Everybody looking to create new property opportunities and deals will eventually have to consider new ways of marketing.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! In this bonus, you’ll learn how to banish leafleting marketing challenges from your life forever ...and never have to think about it again with a 5000 full colour bespoke leaflet campaign delivered to your door every 6 months for the first year of membership along with a FREE Leaflet Campaign Report & training course.

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Have you ever wondered how the pros make it look so easy to be ahead of the curve? Well, it’s all in your VIP Membership Area. In this exclusive VIP bonus, you’ll see exactly how they do it so you can model their methods and gain their expert results, faster and quicker. Packed with training courses on all the subjects you need for success. PDF's, eBooks, exclusive insider training and stage videos of worldwide experts... constantly updated and expanded during your membership with new meaningful content.




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